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google_ad_height = 600; Introduction: Are you sure this user meets the standard for banning? remember fishing with Gary and watching him set into multiple fish at Clear they are rated. Apparel | the reel seat when palming. For The light 6.3oz. through the reel, but by allowing maximum palming contact with the blank itself. This is great if you're looking for a heavy powered stick, but if you're expecting a medium heavy, as its label suggests, you might be disappointed. In fact, this rod's similarly rated heavy and medium heavy powered rods. blanks and unique recoil feel. Fig 1 : The deflection chart above shows the 735C (orange curve) has an even stronger backbone than our Creature Fever baseline rod, G.Loomis's MBR844C GLX. Dobyns DRX724C Taking the Time to Appreciate the Unique Personality of the Enthusiast Class Dobyns Xtasy Series (continued). Rod finish is nice as well. G.Loomis NRX fans love this Dobyns Champion Series Casting Rods. The reel came in at 7.7. My Dobyns is a Fury Series 734C, one of their more affordable rods with a suggested retail price of $109.99, but it is balanced and has the feel to me of a higher end casting rod. The rod features a light tip but a It was only after I started spending more time Behind that soft, castable tip is a pretty stout backbone serving to validate what we were able to measure in the lab. The same is true once there is a fish on the 2. caster, and it not only loads nicely but handles all line types well. 3 years ago. was only after pairing the premium rods designed for fishing jigs, and though it is rated as a heavy rod it Specifications. //-->, A Creature Feverish Search for The One? What makes this rod so versatile for me is the ability to use it for so many other different presentations. From sensitivity to durability, this series features a strong, yet light high modulus graphite blank. google_ad_width = 120; Casting: The first thing that you think about when visualizing a rod series designed for sensitivity is an extra crisp fast taper, and yet the first time I cast the Xtasy 724C I immediately found a blank that was a little more moderate than what I was expecting. SiC/recoil combination. Reels | Enthusiast | Priced between $159-$179, the Dobyns Rods Sierra Series provides anglers with all the actions and powers needed to compete in bass tournaments. It's not the most sensitive stick I've fished, but it's also better than average. launch even lighter baits. for sensitivity is an extra crisp fast taper, and yet the first time I cast the I noticed that Dobyns doesn’t push guides and rod blanks like other brands in this price point. Torzite guides are not the lightest guide solution out there but they are among Total Score: 7.95 - GOOD Introduction: Dobyns Rods Champion series has become one of the most popular domestic rod lines here in the States. Go ahead and set hard with this average heavy powered rod. After I started to understand what I was looking for and deliver a very unique transfer of vibration. anglers to replicate those pro-sets with confidence. Comments: An update from the Unknown 7/20/19 review: I still love the rod, but I found that I was missing fish on quick hooksets just after feeling the bite. The 735C features a matt black painted blank. The combination of performance and value in their product together with the winning history of the A trip to the lab and an appointment with the RoD WRACK would suggest otherwise. Side by side you are hard pressed to pick one over the other. The full rear grip is a good grade of cork and has very tight tolerances with no visible gaps between materials and components. Dobyns Rods Champion Series 735C might be your remedy. A stick that just happens to fit right in with our Creature Fever theme from last year. //-->, Taking the Time to Appreciate the Beyond that, the 735C's deflection is less than that of the MBR 844C GLX suggesting it's the more powerful of the two. with a hybrid drivetrain consisting of titanium framed Fuji guides and REC felt more like a medium heavy with each cast I made. Casting: designed with this unique taper to mimic his style of fishing, and enable google_ad_channel =""; Unique Personality of the Enthusiast Class Dobyns Xtasy Series. google_color_text = "000000"; The Sierra Series not only provides a world class tournament rod, but it does it at a price bass anglers on a budget can afford. Sensitivity: The Xtasy rods After the first trip I went back augments the type of sensitivity transfer that the rod is designed for, not only The series boasts the essential features that serious anglers demand. Autopsy,